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David R. Thornburgh - Services

Water has been recycled for centuries!!

If you have challenges at your facility that need a new eye, then please look below and give me a call. There is never a charge for initial phone or E-Mail conversations.

As an additional feature, I am offering Wastewater Tutoring by E-Mail.
The charge is on a donation basis, depending on the value you determine.

Questions you may ask;

I have some little annoyances that don't warrant getting a big project started. But I would like to see if they could be addressed.

Contact David and talk about them. If you decide that a visit is warranted, he will come to your facility and take a look. When a plan of attack is agreed on, there is feedback as needed so that the desired results are obtained. You only pay for the benefits that you receive.

Who can review my facility and recommend changes. Who can implement those changes if I do not have the time or manpower available.

David can review your site and make recommendations. Then he can assist to implement changes that are agreed on. He can monitor progress from on site or through a remote access port. After the changes are implemented, documentation and training is given. Follow up monitoring is always available. Ask about details.

How can I get my disposal area to accept more water?

Ask David about application schedules and GeoFlo....

Water has been recycled for centuries

I am available to provide Process troubleshooting and evaluation.

My experience ranges from small to large facilities, covering almost all treatment processes. This give me a unique insight into operating theory and practice, allowing me to brainstorm with your staff to arrive at possible solutions and then inplement the needed training and action plans.

I have 40 years of treatment plant experience, including process control, budgeting, facility management, and regulatory agency interaction.

If you do not know what questions to ask, give me a call and we will figure it out together.

Please get in touch for more information or if you have specific questions about our services. I look forward to working with you.

David R. Thornburgh - Services

David R Thornburgh-Services
4019 W Hwy 70 # 316
Durant OK 74701

Phone: (530) 400-0680
Fax: (530) 231-2987



Beneficial use of reclaimed water today, is the key to the availability of potable water tomorrow.

David Thornburgh 1975